VIDEO: Trusted Window Burglar Proofs Not Safe AnyMore For Home Safety

Our homes seem not more secure the way we might think, with our trusted burglar proofs now under intelligence break through by dangerous intruders.

Our homes seem not to be more secure the way we might think, with our trusted burglar proofs now under intelligence ‘pass-through-tactics by dangerous intruders.

It will be very ‘unwise’ to build a home worth thousands of dollars and not able to invest a few hundred of dollars in its security. Many families have been hit with unexpected tragedies as a result of poor security at homes…simple security measures that were overlooked has cost many of us so much.


This afternoon, our news desk received an interesting video within which an arrested thief who sneaked into a home through a window that was securely burglar proofed…

The police and an investigator accompanied the suspect to the crime scene and instructed him to act how he was able to enter the room through the burglar proofed window.


The intelligence he used is a clear indication that this designed burglar proof is no longer safe. Our welders now need to come up with more complex designs to make it almost very impossible for any human to sneak into rooms protected by such designed burglar proofs…

For this simple reason, we think the following window burglar proof designs are no longer safe enough to secure a home. The design needs more complex and innovative touch to make it more secure.

watch the video and replace your burglar proof at once.


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