VIDEO: Men Butchered To Death: When We Drive Home Late – Safety Tips

MUST READ: Learn these simple drive home late safety tips and keep safe for us. May God continue to protect us all from the hands of the wicked. May their evil plans against us continue to fail permanently and forever. Amen.

A video trending on social media caught my attention and I wholeheartedly want to share some security thoughts with our cherished readers.

Have you ever taken the time to ponder over how these wicked and evil possessed armed robbers attack innocents people at night? those who drive home late, say after 9 pm?

There are methods these armed robbers use and we are going to talking about 3 of the methods today.


Make sure you look around for any suspicious presence before approaching your car.

This is the format they use when they decide to
attack you in town during your office close hours…and this is the way they do it…

They wait in a nearby car. When you emerge after the close of office hours, just as you are about to enter your car, one of them will quickly walk up to you and point a gun at you secretly…in a way that, it is impossible for anyone in the distance to suspect what’s going on.

Secondly, he will give instructions but in a way that even all nearby observers will think he might be your friend. The trick is, he will utter deadly instructions while still smiling, to expel any distance suspicion. Eventually, he will calmly force you in the car and join you at the back seat, right behind you…then he orders you to move the car. The rest, you can imagine. You can be kidnapped by this means or get killed and your car and other possession stolen… your body dumped somewhere to rot.

This is why when you close from the shop or the office, before you go to your car, look around and make sure you are safe before you approach your car. When you see any suspicious presence, either call the police or a trusted friend or alert friends nearby to come in a group. The presence of more people will expel whoever might be hanging around to harm you. Take note.

The crucial reason why you must watch your surroundings well before getting into your car.


They adopt this method when the office attack fails too many times. During this attack, they follow your car ( in another car or on a motorbike ) and attack you just as you enter your main home gate. This is the method they used in the video below. This is why when driving your must cultivate the habit of regularly looking into your driving mirror to check and recheck what car or motorbike is following you. Anytime you suspect any unusual tailing from any same car or same motorbike, drive straight to a police station and report the matter with all details of the following car or motorbike.


This method is adopted when all methods seem to be failing for them and they are still determined to snatch your car or attack you for any other reason.

This attack is carried out during weekend only when you are usually driving on a lonely and deserted road. They follow your car and when they find out that there is no caring approaching on the road and no car
following, they strike.

The operation comes so quickly it takes you by surprise and you find yourself confused which might slow your thinking to act fast so take note henceforth.

They make an overtaking and cross your car, and stop right in front of you. Then the one sitting beside their driver jumps out, points a gun at you and shout out a warning that you get out of your car and surrender else he will shot.

The fact is, this weekend attack needs lots of courage and fast thinking because the best thing to do is, immediately you realize that they are stopping in front of you after the overtaking, and the passenger at the front seat is attempting to get out, make sure you foil his attempt to get out.

All you have to do is press down your accelerator and drive hard against the one trying to get out of the car. Make sure your hit, smash to kill. Also, don’t forget
to be careful as he might fire a shot when he sees your resistance. This is not a movie rehearsal. Lots of rich guys have been murdered through this method. Do not stop for any reason for a stranger during driving on a lonely road on weekends. Beware when u drive on a lonely street on weekend…

Watch Video : Viewers Warned > Graphical Content

This is the Entry Gate Attack.
This is not a is a true event recorded by a CCTV installed in the opposite residence. check the date and time of the recording at the top right corner of the video

May God protect us all from the hands of the wicked. May their evil plans against us continue to fail permanently and forever. Amen.

Author: Dela AHADJIE

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