UPDATE: Man 23 Remanded By Court For Insulting Chief Of Kobriso

In an argument he pointed out to the chief that he wasn’t fit to be chief of Kobriso because he wasn’t educated

Solomon Acheampong, 23yr, who, like Rambo, stood up against the chief of the kobriso town, for an alleged illegal gold mining attempt inside Atiwa Forest has been remanded in police custody by Kade Circut Court to reappear on 23rd July 2019.

It will be recalled that on 10/04/2019, the headlines below appeared on our website.

Forestry Commission Releases 4 Arrested Illegal Gold Miners – Kobriso Town Youth Smell Foul Play – AUDIO

It was reported and published by our reporter DELA .

This was followed by another publication by the same reporter

UPDATE: LEAKED AUDIOS: KOBRISO illegal mining allegory: Chief of Kobriso takes GHC3,000 bribe?

The situation generated lots of tension and relationship turmoil across Kobriso, affecting the friendship between Solomon’s father and the chief of Kobriso because we have been told the chief and Solomon’s father were very good friends.

Confirm Radio has in custody recorded audios of calls between Solomon and the Chief of Kobriso Nana Bafgour Kofi Bio ,that sent signals of words that needed more attention but we are holding back this audio until it becomes necessary to splash it.

chief-of-kobriso-Nana Bafgour -
Chief of kobriso Nana Bafgour Kofi Bio

UPDATE: A reliable source from Kobriso town informed us about a ‘heated’ argument that ensued between Solomon and the chief at one time when Solomon visited the town to do a few private errands.

Solomon visited the town because he confided in us that when he started the ‘uprising’ against what he alleged was ‘an illegal gold mining’ attempt, he also alleged that there were threats on his life so he decided to quit from the Kobriso town and reside temporarily in the next town. It was when he visited Kobriso on a private trip when he clashed with the chief.

In the said argument, Solomon is said to have insulted the chief, an action that is considered a taboo. He confirmed to us that he did tell the chief point-blank that… ”he, the chief,wasnt fit to be a chief of Kobriso because he was uneducated, in fact, he has not gone to school before

Insulting a chief in that community is a kind of abomination because it is believed a speck of dirt has been thrown at the chief, his crown and his stool. Usually, in such cases, the offender is expelled from the village or town for a period or indefinitely.

But in this case, Nana Bafgour Kofi Bio, the chief reported the matter to the Akwatia Police Station. This was about a month ago.

Yesterday,16th July, we had an urgent call from Kobriso that, Solomon was called on the phone by one police officer Ernest Apenamang to inform him that a court case against him ( Solomon ) is dated yesterday 16th July. The call came barely a few hours to the court sitting time…and it kind of took the young man by surprise, he told us later.

We called Solomon to confirm and according to Solomon he wasn’t aware that there was any court case against him but he will do his best to rush to the court…and ”he thanked God that he wasn’t far when the call came…and that if he should have been far, he would have failed to appear and perhaps a bench warrant would have been issued against”.

As at publishing this post, we tried reaching the said officer Ernest Apenamang but there was no response from his phone. We called him on 3 occasions between 11:12 am – 12:27 pm. However, we will still go-ahead to speak to him and once we are able to do that, we will update this post within the shorted possible time.

Solomon Acheampong has been remanded by the kade circuit court.

Man_23_Remanded_By_Court_For Insulting_Chief_Of_Kobriso
kade circuit court

The 23 years old man, Solomon Acheampong, who, like Rambo, stood up against what he alleged to be ‘an illegal Gold mining’ inside ATIWA FOREST, has been remanded by the Kade Circut Court. He was charged with ‘ insulting the chief’, that is to say, ‘using indecent words’ against the chief

He is serving his one week remand at the Akwatia Police custody to reappear on 23rd July.

Confirm Radio will follow this development with keen interest and keep our global readers updated.

Source: Confirm Radio

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