Revealed : Background On Asamoah Gyan’s Divorce Case

Credible and reliable information that your most authoritative Confirm Radio news dept has gathered so far after months of thorough investigations are shocking. When we first got wind of the fact that there is serious trouble brewing in the marital home of the black star’s captain, we were worried and wanted to get the real facts hence the investigative team took it upon itself to do thorough checks before coming out with any information; for comments are free but facts are scared.

We were shocked to the bone marrow by the seriously revealing information that came out of our long days and late nights of the investigation. We cannot put all the information in one story since its too heavy for one to digest hence we shall serialize them in order for you to get the facts right and also silence the other hired media outlets painting the entire story wrong from those angles.

Mrs Gifty Gyan was originally called Sandra Gifty Gyamesi
Mrs Gifty Gyan was originally called Sandra Gifty Gyamesi

For the sake of this episode, we shall put out facts one by one and ask some questions which may give others further leads for further thinking and we shall try to answer them in our next episodes should they not be able to speak to the issues raised. Below are the facts;

1. That Mrs Gifty Gyan was originally called Sandra Gifty Gyamesi.

2. That she got married to her husband, Eugene Odame Antwi Oware in the year 2002 by Traditional Marriage and then in the church and later to sign, at Tema Metropolitan Assembly. We have attached a copy of the Marriage Certificate which we managed to scoop out from Tema Metropolitan Assembly (T.M.A).

3. That whilst her marriage was still valid, Gifty left her husband in Italy and came down to Ghana where she later married Asamoah Gyan but did not disclose to him that she was already married.

 4.That the story behind her marriage to Eugene Odame Antwi Oware is like this. Gifty also was known as “Yoomovi” grew up in a compound house in Suhum. Her father who was then a Trotro Driver always had to travel so he always left her in the care of Mama Lucy Oware, Eugene Antwi Oware’s mother.

5. In time, Eugene Antwi Oware and Gifty became lovers. His mother encouraged him to marry her to which he acquiesced. After the marriage, Eugene enrolled Gifty in a computer school. Upon completion, Eugene’s brother found her a job at Nallem. She later became a receptionist at Wangara Hotel where the Black meteors camped. Gifty later went to Italy to live with her husband.

6. Upon arrival in Italy, Mr Oware sponsored Gifty to train as a Milliner. After several months of living as man and wife, Mr Oware realised that his wife would miscarry every time she conceived. Medical tests revealed that she was laden with fibroids and in dire need of surgery. Mr Oware as a good husband who wanted children paid for the operation and thereafter brought her home to nurse her himself. Months after Gifty became well and they were trying for a baby, she told her husband that she would like to go to Ghana to be a bridesmaid at a relative’s wedding. Her loving husband agreed and bought her ticket to Ghana. Gifty came to Ghana and never went back home to her husband. She did not even bother to tell her husband that she did not love him anymore; neither did she divorce him.

7. Reports reaching us say that there is a possibility that Gifty was pregnant with her first child when she left her husband. Other sources say that it is part of the reason why Asamoah Gyan has requested for DNA Test because even though he loves the children dearly and prays that they are all his children, he recognizes the possibility that they may all not be his.

8. We have full confirmation that Gifty never told Asamoah Gyan about her pending marriage with Eugene and the reports say Asamoah was shocked to the marrow when he discovered her deceit.

9. Meanwhile, our sources indicate that her husband Eugene who was hard-hit by Gifty’s betrayal says he has left the matter to God and knows that God will deal with her in His own time. However, the rest of his family is not as forgiving. We have further reports that when the Court case began, Gifty went to Eugene’s mother to plead with her to forgive her and lie for her in court that she had never married Eugene.

10. It is said that the old lady chased her out of the place and told her if she ever comes back, she will deal with her.

11. Meanwhile, Gifty has been lying to her rented press that her first marriage was one of convenience and that she was a minor when she married, something Asamoah knew about or even engineered. This is a white-faced lie. Which underage girl suffers from fibroid? Which man goes ahead to marry another woman when he knows her to be married? In fact, reports say that when Asamoah Gyan met Gifty for the first time in 2003, she was already married to Eugene Antwi Oware.

We can confirm that all of above are facts and not mere allegations put out to damage the already nonexistent reputation of Mrs Oware aka Mrs Gyan but the real facts behind the failed marriage between herself and Asamoah Gyan.

We end this first publication of facts here but pause to ask Gifty the following questions which if she fails to answer or tries to lie through her rented press we shall put the bare facts out again with evidence. The following are the questions:

1. Did she get married to Mr Oware as an adult or a minor? And was she married willingly or by force?

2. What is Jeffery Sylvanus Dodji to her and why was her son named Raphael after his best friend/partner?

3. According to her coworkers at Wangara hotel (where the Black Meteors Camped), did she have a sexual relationship with John Painstal while she worked there as a married receptionist? Is that not true?

4. What is the connection between Prince David Osei and herself?

5. Who are the real fathers of the kids Asamoah has loved and provided for all these years?

We can authoritatively state that Gifty cannot and will not be able to answer these hardcore questions any day, any time and for the rest of her life. We will like to state here and again that we have both audios and videos to back our claims and everyone would be amazed if we are challenged in a court of competent jurisdiction and we are ready to anyone anywhere.

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

We can also state clearly that by the time we finish with our series, most Ghanaians would empathize with Asamoah and some of his actions would now make sense. Asamoah Gyan himself and his family would be shocked by our next episodes because when we contacted them, they refused to comment. They thought we could not proceed without their input but at African Parrot, we tell it like it is. Check out the photos of the kids on the web and check out photos of the names associated with Gifty to form your own judgment. Like Anas said before Number 12, the foundation would shake and the building will collapse after which we shall get honest people to rebuild it.

This is a running story, stay tuned for more news and heartbreaking revelations.

Source:Confirm Radio News Dept

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