Baby Jet Saga: The stealthy reason why Nana Aba Anamoah is supporting Mrs Gyan

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We broke the news to you on the hardcore facts on the marital status of Ghana’s Skipper Baby Jet Asamoah Gyan. Interestingly, as we planned to follow up with episode two of the hardcore facts, then came another interesting twist to the already seemingly unending saga.

The shocking revelation is that some of these so-called feminists and women’s rights advocates in the media who are all pushing hard for the striker to be skinned alive are all doing it out of shame, bitterness and unfulfilled dreams of relationships with the striker. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.

ALSO READ: Revealed: Background On Asamoah Gyan’s Divorce Case

Your most authoritative newspaper, African Parrot Online Newspaper and AP FM investigation team can confirm that one of them who went to Asamoah’s hotel room under the pretext of interviewing him but stripped naked and seduced the Ghanaian captain. Following that encounter, she wanted a lasting relationship with the captain even if it meant being a side chick however she was denied because the captain realized that she had played her interview trick on all his other teammates and he did not need a team groupie in his life. Nana Aba ASAMOAH of Gh One TV seems to have provided confirmation of our investigations through one of her social media pages after she posted that they won’t allow the striker to divorce Gifty and was cut down to size by a gentleman who seems to know the details, spilt the beans and in less than five minutes was blocked by Nana Ama. We have attached a screenshot of his filla in this episode.

We came across several other media slay queens who were interested in Asamoah but were rejected big time due to several reasons.  Gifty’s best friend Delay, who is alleged to have been dating one of the top five powerful politicians in Ghana and she had also dated Asamoah’s former teammate in the black stars Hans Adu Sarpei who is believed to have bought a Trassaco house for her and finally with the interest of Agyemang Badu who is equally a Bono brother and  a buddy to Asamoah in the Black Stars squad. The only option for madam delay was to get close to Asamoah’s wife. It was in her house that Delay miscarried her pregnancy with Agyemang Badu. Gifty is said to have nursed her for a week at her house.

Now we have the following questions for Gifty to come out and deny it or take us to court.
0. The parrot, as well as the whole world, would like to know whether her second son was born black, fair or red or bleached?
0. That did she not ever have an affair with John Paintstil of black stars fame before even meeting Asamoah?
0. That was she really a virgin as she lied to Asamoah and the general public before their first ever sexual encounter in 2005 or not?
0. That was she already married to Oware at the time she was sleeping with John Penstil or not?
0. That was she pregnant with her husband Mr Oware in Italy before landing in Ghana before having that one night stand with Asamoah during Baffuor’s wedding or not?
0. That does she remember saying the son was too dark  & suggesting to our earlier assertion that Captain Planet was the father of the boy or not?
0. That apart from the normal relationship between her and her husband’s manager Samuel Anim Addo, what other sorts of relationship exists between them?
0. That is it a matter of “scratch my back and let me protect my marriage and I will scratch your back to protect your job as a manager or not?”
0. That has captain planet or Prince David Osei ever visited her bedroom in the house that Asamoah bought for her, especially in his absence?
0. That has Asamoah already bought a 4 bedroom house for her and the kids, which she rented out before relocating to London or not?
0. That when she was asked to come home for some reason, did she give only the children’s passports to Baffour Gyan when Asamoah requested?Did she give her passport to Baffour?
0. That did Asamoah not rent a 5 bedroom house on the Spintex road for her and the children before leaving London for Accra?
0. Did Asamoah not give his house in East Legon to Baffour Gyan and his family a long time ago? Is it not true that she has never lived with Asamoah in the same house? She has never lived in the said house with Asamoah and as such can not call it her marital home?
0. That did she ever occupy her new fully stocked house?
0. That does she remember rejecting her car at the airport and demanding a new Porsche Cayenne and access to the Basilica house instead of the fully furnished and fully stocked  5 bedroom house rented for her on the Spintex Road?

ALSO READ: Revealed: Background On Asamoah Gyan’s Divorce Case

In this episode, we have limited our questions to only fifteen (15) so that she can answer it very well.

Well Ghanaians and the entire world, we shall give you more photos to back this episode which shall include but not limited Nana Aba ANAMOAH’s social media chat, and other important photos and documents.

Let me sound this warming to their rented reporters in various media houses to equally take this findings to publish and give it the same prominence they gave to the lies from their paymasters.

Our simple advise to our sisters such as Delay, Nana Aba, and all the slay queens and slay girls and men who Don’t want to work much but take advantage of hard working able men’s wives in their absence. For most of them are not in the knowledge that they are being captured on videos and audio recordings. Nana, please don’t fight this we are begging else we shall be forced to release your videos.

Copy Of The Marriage Certificate Of Sandra Gifty Gyamesi Who Latter Became Mrs Gyan
Copy Of

Source:AP FM

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